Give Smart Boise

“Have a Heart – Give Smart” is a public outreach campaign to educate caring Boise residents, employees and visitors about giving “smart” while discouraging panhandling. Although panhandling is often associated with homelessness, many panhandlers are not homeless. In many cases, giving money to panhandlers supports drug and alcohol addiction.

There are a variety of services and resources throughout Boise for those who need assistance. “Have a Heart – Give Smart” encourages people to give more effectively by contributing to these local organizations that can offer real life change to people in need.

“Have a Heart – Give Smart” is produced by the City of Boise partnership with the businesses listed to the right.

 “Have a Heart – Give Smart” – Brochure

“Have a Heart – Give Smart” – Tri-Fold Brochure

“Have a Heart – Give Smart” - Poster